Interpersonal Citizenship

A couple years ago for my parent’s 25th anniversary, I said in a speech for my parent’s 25th anniversary that if my mother and father’s love were a person, it would be galavanting around the United States in a VW van. Recently, as my own love has begun to age and grow as if it were…

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Why I visit Times Square

It’s hard not to sink deeply into imposter syndrome, to not be jealous of everyone I meet. Their security in their lives and their sense of self, their impermeable membrane. I think, for just a little, I want to be the untouchable one. The one who isn’t always looking outward, the one who feels my…

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A Welcoming

My friend Sam thinks I journal too much. That I actually need to share what I write or else I will never improve in the ways I want and need to if i ever want to be any sort of writer. So I’m going to blog every day. It’s not going to be good, but…

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