I Am Sometimes a Teapot

kissed her mouth and it tasted like a mouth an insect escapes its own exoskeleton with graceher voice in the leaves that drag themselves along the pavement translate: to make snow, snowNo one is nostalgic for the bottom of the staircase the air sits hot in my nose like homeshe cracks her back like an…

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An Elephant Lives

in a temple in Pondicherry,Tamil Nadu, Indiashe isn’t very big for an elephantbeige spots run up her trunk litter her fluttering ears and cling to her eyesthey are almost the same color as I am- shallow and milkshe wears anklets and a nametagLaxmi, goddess of wealthand wife to Vishnu held— in agony or in ecstasy—in…

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Mother, I Am

in the rain aftera poetry reading and the poet—who just losther own mother—mournedin her poetry before me so now, I am missing you so that when you are gone the missing will be the same as loving youthe street lamps multiply my form on the sidewalksbut the sky has yet to riditself completely of the…

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How to Write a Poem

Start with a thought, or a seed. Write. Let the seed bloom, follow the stray dog of a thought down into the ravine. This is the first draft. Let the wrong words in. Step back. What is your poem about? What is it wrestling with? What are the theories that underpin the work? What are you saying about…

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